Firth of Forth


A northern gannet picks up seaweed on the Bass Rock, where thousands of the sea birds prepare for the new breeding season. The rock is the largest single-island colony of gannets in the world.




Rubbish chokes a polluted canal in the Indian city. Last week marked world environment day and world ocean day, which both highlighted plastic pollution as the most urgent problem facing our planet.

The planet’s “number one killer”


Worldwide, three out of every 10 people have hypertension (high blood pressure); the World Health Organisation has called it the planet’s “number one killer”. Latest figures show 1 billion people have been diagnosed with the condition. But half those people who have high blood pressure are unaware of it and some who are aware do not take any medical action due to access or choice. For World Hypertension Day on 17 May, the theme is Know Your Numbers, with the goal of increasing awareness of high blood pressure.