León, Nicaragua


A man runs with a toro encuetado, a structure resembling a bull that emits exploding firecrackers, during celebrations in honour of the Virgin Mary.


London, UK


Sister Clara, of the Catholic charity Cafod, walks among shoes outside Westminster Cathedral. The shoes are part of a campaign calling for world leaders at next month’s UN general assembly to back global agreements aimed at assisting refugees and migrants.

Norfolk, UK


Lifeboat Horse, a sculpture by Rachael Long, stands on the mudflats during low tide at Wells-next-the-Sea. The creation, inspired by the horses used to haul the lifeboat to launch during the 1800s, is made from scrap metal, recycled wooden barrels and steel rods and is designed to stand on the mudflats at low tide before gradually being covered by the sea.

The village of Pogost


Ekaterina Panchenya, 75, walks in the snow to her neighbour’s house, in the village of Pogost. “I do everything myself: feed the animals in the barn, the chickens in the yard. The river is nearby, the forest, mushrooms and berries in the summer. No, I’ll never in my life move to town,” she said.