People are having nightmares due to corona infection, these results came out

As the corona infection is increasing, so are its adverse effects. In a new research, scientists have said that due to this, people's dreams are also affected.The circumstances are that most people have nightmares because of fear. In this research published in Frontiers in Psychology, scientists said that information was obtained from people and they were studied using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Based on that it has been concluded.

Researchers collected more than four thousand sleep and stress figures during the sixth week of the lockdown caused by corona in Finland.About 800 of these people also gave information about their dreams coming during that time. Dr. Anu-Katrina Pesonen, the lead author of the research and head of the Sleep and Mind Research Group at the University of Helsinki, said, "The impact of people's dreams in this way reflects the horrors of Corona.He said that from the research results, we can estimate what the effect of extreme conditions on dreams.Anyway, it is said that the circumstances in which we live have an effect on dreams. However, this topic is quite complicated.

During the study, Paysonen and his team transformed the dream material from Finnish language Finnish into English word lists and analyzed them through AI.
During this period, frequently used words were discovered. In this way, the researchers transformed entire dreams into smaller dream particles (called dream clusters).In this way, the researchers identified 33 dream clusters.Of these, 20 dream clusters were classified as nightmares, and 55 per cent of them were found to have epidemic-related terms.

Researchers grouped words such as physical distance, corona virus infection, personal protective equipment (PPE), panic, and doom as epidemic-related words.

According to Pesonen, during this research we used AI and linguistics which is the most unique method till date. We will try to continue this in future also, so that a more comprehensive view of dreams can be revealed.

According to Pesonen, the study revealed a great deal about people's sleep habits and stress levels during lockdown.For example, more than half of people reported sleeping more before the quarantine period.

However, 10 percent reported having difficulty sleeping and a quarter reported having nightmares several times. More than half of the participants involved in the study also reported increased levels of stress. All these people also talked about having little sleep and having nightmares.

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