Here humans are put on fire to treat various diseases


In China, for the treatment of many diseases, such therapy is adopted, knowing that you will be stunned. There is alcohol spraying on the patient’s body and fire. Some people consider it is a special kind of treatment, which is considered possible to treat stress, depression, indigestion, infertility and cancer.

This method, popularly known as Fire Therapy, is being used in China for more than 100 years. The videos of this therapy are becoming increasingly viral. However, there is no evidence that fire therapy is really effective. Zhang Fengao, who treated this method, is very popular for his work.

He says, “Fire therapy is the fourth major revolution in human history. It has left the treatment method of both Chinese and West. “

Fengao treat people in a small apartment in Beijing. He apply a paste made from herbs on the back of the patient, covering it with a towel. Then, after spraying water and alcohol on it and set fire. It is believed that the combination of heat and herbs of fire gives immediate relief to the  body.

This method of treatment is based on the ancient beliefs of China. According to Fengao, the inner coolness is removed by heating the upper surface of the body.


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