Know about IIT Professor Alok Sagar who is living with tribes


Engineering from IIT Delhi and then the study of PHD from famous Houston University of America. Not only this, he has taught Raghuram Rajan, the RBI governor. Alok Sagar, who was a professor of IIT, has been living tribal life in remote villages of Madhya Pradesh for the past 33 years.

Professor Alok Sagar was born on January 20, 1950 in Delhi. He has an IIT from Electronic Engineering in Delhi. After this he went to US in 1977, where he took a degree in research from the University of Houston. During this time, he did Post-Doctoral at Department of Dental Branch and Sociology fellowship, from Dalhousie University (Canada).

After completing his studies there, he became a professor at IIT Delhi. However, he did not feel like he left the job.

Alok has been living among the tribal villages of Madhya Pradesh for 33 years since leaving his job. Clothing is similar to tribals. He is living a very simple life here. He has only three shirts and a bicycle on the name of property. He has planted more than 50 thousand trees here. He always gather seeds and bring them to the people.

Alok has been fighting the social and economic rights for tribals.

Once, during the Betul district election in Madhya Pradesh, local officials had doubts on Alok Sagar. He had told them to go to Betul. But when he showed his degrees to the administration, then all the officers were shocked for a moment. When he was called to the police station to investigate, he came to know that he is not a normal rural but a former professor of IIT.

Alok still roams the entire village with bicycles. Teaching tribals and supervising plants is included in their routine.



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