Doctors Stunned After Dead Ants Seen Coming Out Of Girls Eyes


An 11-year-old Ashwani, living in southern Kannada, Karnataka, is suffering from a strange and poor disease. The dead ants are getting out of his eyes. Thereby burning his eyes and continuously releasing water. Ashwani showed up to the doctor but he could not even do the treatment. At present, the problem his remains on her eyes.

Ashwani, who is studying in the fifth class, started suffering from the date 28th of last month. She was asleep when she got up in the morning and saw that there were two or three ants around her eyes. She ignored the problem. But after a few hours, the ants started flowing again and irritation in the eye started. According to media reports, as many as 60 dead ants have died out of Ashwani’s eye.

Ashwani went to the doctor to get treatment for the disease. But the doctor was also surprised by seeing such a problem. The doctor said that it may be that when she sleeps, the ants enter her ears and then come out of the eye. The doctor gave the girl’s eye drop but the problem remained unchanged. Parents also showed the daughter to astrology.  But still doctor and astrology there is no correct answer for this disease


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