These plastic facts definitely shocked you


We have become a plastic world around our world and we are breathing in that. Today plastic is being used everywhere. Plastics have become a major threat to the environment.

The invention of the plastic was done in 1862 by Alexander Parkes of England. After this the movement of plastic started slowly and in today’s time so much has increased that if you know, then your eyes will be chipped.

Recycling a plastic bottle can save so much energy that a 60W bulb can be burnt for up to 6 hours. We throw half of the plastic (50 percent) of things by throwing them into work only once. Not only this, only 8 percent of the total oil in the entire world is made in plastic production.

Every year, so much plastic is thrown around the world that it can form four round of the whole earth. Plastic is not known for its loss only but it is also known for its robustness. Yes, a plastic bag can lift 2000 times more weight than its weight.

Every year about 1 million animals die due to the plastic bag. Plastic bags can be used but how to eliminate them is not the solution. It is said that plastic bags take about 1,000 years to finish. Surprising thing is that in India every year about 9.7 kg of plastic is used by every person, while 109 kg per person in the US.

Only Rwanda is the only country in the whole world where plastic is completely banned. You will not be aware that most of the plastic is thrown into the sea, which can be extremely harmful in the future. ‘Plastic 2 Oil’ is the only company that claims to turn plastic into oil again. Starbucks caps are never recyclable because they have plastic in their inner part.


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