A complete railway station built in nine hours at china

1Such a fate has happened in Fujian province in China. Here the engineers have prepared a railway station in just 9 hours. It was felt that the need to add three rail routes. In this work, 1500 workers were together. However, for this work pre-planning, design, task force and work were already divided.

Every worker, engineer and labor had to do a lot of work for this construction, which was told to all in 7th step. The most important thing is that not only the building but also with the railway route tracks signals and electric wires were fitted in hours. The world is shocked by this superfine manufacturing in China.

This construction was done to strengthen China’s local rail network. There was a need to link the railway line to Langang railway station, Genuurlong railway and Jeehangal railway to Nangalang railway. Now this new railway route will pass through the speed of 200 km / h on the new railway route of 246 kilometers.


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