Miracle with dead body of a Buddhist monk


We will call it miracles. After 2 months of death someone’s dead body smiled, the world will be shocked. Yes, here is something like that …

This case has surfaced in Thailand. If the body of a Buddhist monk pulled out of the grave for a ritual, his devotees were shocked. Anyone who came in front of him looked blind. Indeed, there was no special difference on the body of a Buddhist monk and a smile was on his face.

According to a media report, this dead body is from Luang Phor Pian, the master of Buddhist monks, who died at 92 years of age. After the death, he was buried in the same temple where he serve.

Just two months later, for a special ritual, his body was taken out of the tomb, the remaining monk was stunned. Luang’s face had a crooked smile. It seemed as he was sleeping in peace.

It is difficult to believe that even after two months their body is the same. Although the condition of his body has little worsened. But still seeing dead body, nobody can say that his death had happened two months ago.

Anyone who sees his dead body says that his death occurred just 36 hours ago. The devotees have a unique logic about the smile on their face. They believe that he got salvation.


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