How to get a new perspective on life


Struggling to find a fresh perspective for the New Year? Designer Aurimas Lazinskas and his team have come up with an offbeat aid: the EyeTeleporter.

Breathing new life into a familiar device, this is no ordinary periscope: its lightweight design and mask attachment make it hands-free, allowing wearers to explore an unusual and immersive experience. “It basically just disembodies you in some way,” Lazinskas and Juste Kostikovaite, the team’s development manager, told Tech Monthly.

Constructed with corrugated cardboard and a couple of mirrors, the viewer can be assembled in a variety of ways, allowing your vision to be teleported to lofty heights, reversed for over-the-shoulder reconnaissance or plummeted to bring you eye-to-eye with the family hound – although in the latter case it might be best to steer clear of the fake fur option lest the dog becomes equally discombobulated. Recently featured on Kickstarter, the London-based four-strong Lithuanian team have an eye to the future, although they are not thinking about commercialising their invention just yet. Instead they hope to use their funds to embark on the development of their pièce de résistance, the EyeTeleporter scooter.

Currently in an early incarnation, the scooter envelopes your eyes, transporting your line of sight right down to the ground. The result is a set of wheels that is not so much about visibility as vision itself. “Why not do something which is very mobile and at the same time completely disorientating you?” ask Lazinskas and Kostikovaite.



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