Priest Unique Style In Magh Mela 2018

12In Sangam Nagar, Dist, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, there are several different types of monks-devotees and pilgrims diving in Magh Mela for one month. To earn some virtue, and to take away some sins. In such a way, there is a Baba lying on the bed of thorns. Rama Baba, who has achieved the success of lying on the thorns, is now being known by the name of thorn Baba.

Baba Laxman Ram (52), a resident of Agra, said, “At the age of 18 years, I was wrongly killed cow and since then I am trying to atonement like this.” – “It hurts, but I tolerate it. Every year I come here in Magha Mela. People who offerings donation are used in Mathura to supervise cows. He also runs Bhandara. “



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