Marry more than one wife is compulsory in this country


There is a place in the map of the world where the law states two weddings of men as mandatory. According to the government of this country, if the person’s first wife had trouble with his second marriage, then both of them could even go to jail.

According to media reports, two marriages have been made compulsory for men in Eritrea. In this country, if a person refuses to take a second marriage while being the first wife, then he has to be jailed. And the punishment is not too small. Such people can also be sentenced to life imprisonment. We know that you must have been surprised at this, but this is absolutely true.

Every person has to make two marriages forced to escape from jail. Actually it is a country where every man has to make two marriages mandatory. The Eritrea government legitimizes itself. Let’s know the logic behind this law …

According to reports, the Government of Eritrea has argued that time to time there are civil war in the country. Due to civil war women being alone. This is the reason that men here have to make two marriages in order to protect women.

It is also said that the number of men in the country is decreasing, whereas the number of women is much higher than men. In such a way the government says women can not spend their lives alone or unmarried. So that the government has issued this order.





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