Children smoke cigarettes in this village celebrates traditional Epiphany


Awareness campaign is being run on smoking around the world. People are being exposed to the danger, but there is a one place in the world where small children are being cautiously cigaretteed. If you know why, then you will be shocked.

In Portugal, small children are cigarette from hobbies. Indeed, the epiphany festival of Christians is going on in the Portugal in de Selguueiro. In this, people inspire their children to smoke cigarettes.

According to the local tradition, children over the age of five can smoke on special occasions. However, in Portugal, 18 years of age is being used for the use of tobacco.

Every year the celebration of King’s feast is criticized throughout the world, but instead of giving any feedback on this, local people buy cigarette packets for their children in honor of centuries old tradition.

In Portugal, if parents are teaching to smoke cigarettes to their children, then there is no rule of law to stop them.


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