The Life In Coldest Town On The Earth


Many parts of the world are currently in the grip of severe cold. There are also some places where there is always cold weather. One of them is Omyacon city of Russia. Here the average temperature in the winter season is around -50 degrees Celsius. However, in spite of this 500 people live in this town. New Zealand photographer Amos Chapel imprisoned the lives of people living in the town in his camera.

Chapel said, living in this town face many changes, which is also difficult for the world to guess. He had reached this town on a two-day trip from the Capital City of Yakutsk, which is considered the coldest inhabited area in the world. When Chapel came out of the house, his legs started to freeze in the temperature of -47 degrees Celsius. He took photographs in the cold.

Here people eat only meat to stay alive. They eat reindeer and horse meat. There is a school for children in this town, but it runs in the cold winter. It is not stopped until the temperature reaches -52 ° C.

In this cold, everything accumulates from Penn’s ink to drinking water in the glass . Here the mobile phone service has not started. Here temperature goes down even below -60 degree Celsius. In 1933, the temperature had reached -6707 degrees Celsius. In the winter season there is light only for three hours in the day. During the rest, there is darkness. However, in the summer season, there is light for 21 hours a day, only for three hours is night.




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