The Rare diamond of kohinoor hidden facts


If someone ask you which is the world’s most precious diamond? So your answer will be ‘Kohinoor’. Kohinoor was originally a diamond of 793 carats, behind the glow of which the entire world is crazy till today. But do you know the black truth behind this glittering diamond? If not then read here …

The world’s largest Kohinoor diamond was originally found in the Golconda mining region of Andhra Pradesh, India. When it was found, it was 793 carats, but now it remains 105.6 carats. Weight is 21.6 grams. Around 1304, the first information about this diamond is mentioned, in the book ‘Babarnama’.

‘Babranama’ written on the biography of the Mughal ruler Babar. King Vikramjit Singh of Gwalior placed all his property in the fort of Agra during the war of Panipat in 1526. Babar captured the fort after winning the war, then he got possession of Kohinoor there. At that time the diamond was 186 carats.

At that time this diamond was given the name Babar Diamond. In 1738, Iranian ruler Nadir Shah attacked the Mughlia Sultanate, in 1739, and defeated the ruler Mohammed Shah of Delhi and took him captive and looted the royal treasure.

Then the name of ‘Babur diamond’ was named Nadir Shah Kohinoor. Nadir Shah took Kohinoor with him. In 1747 Nadir Shah’s own people killed him. Subsequently, Kohinoor came under the control of Nadir Shah’s grandson Shah Rukh Mirza. Nadir shah brave army chief Ahmed Abdali gave help to 14 years old Shah Rukh Mirza, so Shah Rukh Mirza handed over Kohinoor to Ahmed Abdali.

The diamond it went to has collapsed. For the moment, this diamond is inserted in the crown of the Queen of England. It is said that in the whole world it has proved to be lucky only for the royal family of England.


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