Satirical fireworks to 2018


Celebrations of New Year’s reception started on Sunday around the world. The small island country Samoa first welcomed the new year. An hour later, New Year’s colorful greetings were welcomed in different parts of Australia, including New Zealand and then Sydney.

During this, the colorful fireworks shine in the sky in Auckland, New Zealand’s. Here people come to the streets to celebrate New Year. People also danced at the streets with fun. At 5:30 in the morning, the Sydney Harbor was flooded with a bright light when the new year started in Australia.

People in South Korea went to the Buddhist temple and prayed. At the same time Shinto priests in Tokyo, completed the first traditional ritual of New Year at the Mayi religious site. New Year Opportunities in Mexico, the buildings were bathed with colorful lights.  On the main square of Mexico City artists celebrate New Year with a colorful ceremony.


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