Lord Hanuman ji is a Orthopedic Specialist


There is a Lord Hanumanji temple in Mohas, state Madhya Pradesh, India. Here people says that broken bones are added automatically in this temple . Here the broken bones are joined by Hanumanji Grace. Every Tuesday there is a crowd of patients here. Everybody comes for medicine. 

Saint of this temple Mr Sarman Patel has 75 years old. They give medicines to the patient. They have been doing this for 40 years. When patient come to the temple saint tell to every one to close their eyes and say Ram-Ram during this he feed medicine to every patient in their mouth.

After eating medicine, he sent home to all patients. It is said that the bones are added by the blessing Hanuman ji and medicine.

Medicine given everyday in this temple but Tuesday is the special day for it. There is no fixed amount for medicine in this temple.

Devotee Govind Patel told that a few days ago, his leg was fractured. His feet were cured without any medical treatment. He told that he is now completely healthy the blessings of Lord Hanuman ji.


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