Intricacies of dharma


In the ongoing war between dharma and adharma, the Lord incarnates time and again to establish the code of dharma He has ordained for humanity. Victory of dharma is manifest when the wicked are punished and the righteous are protected.

Both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata describe wars that are waged against adharma. A popular moral saying attests that one who disregards dharma is sure to fall in due course, that none will be able to save him from the impending doom, while even animals and birds will, of their own accord, render service to one who adheres to dharma.

When Rama views the city of Lanka from close quarters on the eve of the war, He is astonished by its wealth and beauty. But He also feels sorry that all this is destined to be destroyed because of Ravana’s heinous sin of coveting another’s wife, pointed out Sri Krishnamurthy Sastrigal in a discourse. In the case of Ravana, whose valour is unmatched and his invincibility protected by the boons he had gained through austere penance, neither the celestial beings nor the gandharvas have the power to confront him. He has taken unbridled power in his hands and rules the entire world, including all the lokas and the elements in creation.

Since he had excluded human beings in the list of people who could not kill him, the Lord incarnates as a Kshatriya but keeps His supremacy under wraps during Rama avatar. But apart from killing Ravana, Rama avatar is for establishing dharma among individuals at all levels — the personal, domestic, social, cultural, political and so on. Even the common man is made sensitive to the intricacies in the paths of karma and jnana and is able to imbibe the essence of the righteous way of life and benefit by it.


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