This American Man Gets Biggest Benefit Of Being Vegetarian


A 43 year old Mr. Raab Mubere, living in Las Vegas, USA, has made a big claim. He says that he accept only vegetarian food instead of meat, chemicals and sweet dishes. Due to which in a year its cancer’s disease reduced by 80 percent. Now he is completely healthy.

According to them, in 2012, it was found that they had stage 4 colorectal cancer. It was spread from the intestine to the liver. He immediately provided surgery, chemo and radiation therapy.

After this the investigation revealed that cancer has come down to three ace stage. Raab decided to free his body from chemicals instead of having his treatment. For this he adopted vegetarianism. 

He followed for one year and in 2013 the diagnosis revealed that the cancer was 80 percent less. Even after this, Raab has treated himself with vegetarianism and has been living a cancer free life for the last five years.

Now Raab runs a small cancer charity and tells people how cancer can be avoided by adopting vegetarianism. In this diet, fruit vegetables are consumed more and the meat, dairy products etc. are avoided. 


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