Why people of this village is not wearing sleepers


Today, we are going to tell you about a village where no one is wearing shoes. Now you should be wondering how this can happen, so let us tell you that there is a village 20 kilometers away from Madurai where people are not allowed to wear shoes and sandals. The name of this village is Kalimayan.

For years in this village, no one is wearing sandal or shoes on their feet. Even the people of this village refuse to let their children wear it. If someone accidentally wore shoes, then he is sentenced to severe punishment.

People have their own logic to not wear shoes and sandal. The people of this village have been worshiping the god of Apchachi for centuries. They believe that the god named Apchachi only protects them. It is forbidden to wear shoes and sandals inside the village boundary to demonstrate faith towards their own god.

The people of this village have been running this tradition for generations. If the people go out side from the village they take sleepers and sandal in their hands and wear them after reaching the village limits.


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