New type of Northern Lights discovered


There is a colorful light has been seen on the sky here. According to the size, color and height of these lights, their names are given. Just recently a new kind of light has been seen in the sky, which named Steve.

At midnight of September 15, 2017 in Kakawa, Albert, Canada, a new pattern of Northern Light has been discovered, which named Steve. It appears twice this year.

These lights are visible on Earth’s North and South Magnetic poles. Gas particles roam in the air near the North Pole. Here is a 6 month day and 6 months night. When the particles of these gas are illuminated by the sun during the night, colorful lights are shining in the sky. These are called Nardan Lights. Their size ranges from 20 km to 640 km.

These lights are visible in Alaska, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Siberia, Canada and Greenland.


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