The most dangerous border in the world


The impact of tension between South Korea and North Korea is also seen on the 250-km border that distributes them. It is considered to be the world’s most dangerous border. Here the visiting tourists have to agree in writing that their death in this area will be their own responsibility.

This place is known as Panamunjom, which is 55 km away from South Korea’s Capitol Seoul. This dimilitries zone is a four kilometer strip that separates the two countries. Here the stop lines are set to stop land mines, barbed wire and tank over the entire range. 

Panamunjom is actually a small village. Here the agreement between the two countries was done to eliminate the Korean War in 1953. However, both countries never agree with it. Here, even after five decades, the circumstances of the war remain official. In this zone, the guards are always kept in large numbers. One kilometer east from this deserted village is Joint Security Area. Here North and South Korea’s joint forces are stationed.

Thousands of tourists arrive every year to see the Cold War’s last frontier. The sight of the journey from Seoul to Panamunjom is very beautiful in itself. The biggest attraction here is a blue building, where officials from both countries meet on special occasions. However, tourists coming here are warned that they do not get noticed with the North Korean Guards nor do any kind of gestures.


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