Now your tears will not go away, it is useful


Your tears will not go away. The scientists have found an inauspicious way to use them. Researchers at the University of Limerick in Ireland have discovered a key, according to which electricity can be made from a specific protein present in tears. The protein named Lyzozyme is found in abundance in human body. Researchers believe that due to being biological, the electricity generated by it will prove to be very beneficial in therapeutic techniques.


It is a protein which is found in the tears, saliva and milk of the white part of the egg and the mammal organisms. The researchers found that if this protein is kept in pressure it can produce electricity.


The power generated in pressure is called pezoelectricity. The quartz used to make glass is piezoelectric, which can convert mechanical energy into electricity. Bone, vein and wood also have this quality. Many such substances are used in deep sea sonar technology and ultrasound techniques.

The level of pezoelectricity in liaison is quite high. This is exactly the same as Quatridge. Therefore, it will be able to produce electricity. To control the release of medicines in the body, it will be used as a lyzozyme pump. It will work to collect electricity from around it. Research on this technique continues.

Being a biological substance, this protein is free from harmful chemicals. Because of this, it can be used as an antibacterial layer on the devices to be implanted in the body.


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