This model had information about her death


It is said that no one knows how and when death comes? But the Filipino-based model and student Rachine Pargunta knew when her death was come? So she had already prepared for all her preparations.

A 20 years old Rachine was quite beautiful. She began to enjoy her career and life that she came to know that she suffers from osteosarcoma cancer. There is an impact on the bones of body. She knew that now she has a very short time to live. But after her death, she had to fulfill some ambitions. Her last aspiration was to look beautiful on her funeral. She wanted to wear a white top and crown of flowers on hair after she died. She shared this ambition with her close relatives. When she died fighting with the disease, her relatives came to fulfill their ambition. Her funeral photos share a lot of people. 

Apart from this there was another ambition of Rachine. She wanted her body near to her father’s grave in the cemetery. But due to lack of space, their graves were placed just above the father’s grave. Rachine, who had left the world at such a young age, presented the example of accepting the death in front of people.


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