Interesting story of space


Although there are fewer information about space, there are many things that surprise us. In recent years, about discovery of space, there are 7 things that can not be thought about earlier.

In 2011, a planet was discovered in space that is made of carbon, while carbon is made of diamond. This planet keeps more quality than the Diamond found on Earth. The name of this planet is PSR J1719-1438 b or Pulsar Planet. According to Space Scientists, this was the one seperate star, later when he died, he turned to Planet.

Scientists have seen such clouds in space which is 1 lakh times bigger than Sun. This is occurs when the event of a black hole.

We have been listening since childhood that Sun is the biggest star, but according to the recent findings, this star size is more than 1500 sun that has been discovered.

In 2015, a planet was discovered in space that is exactly like the Earth. It was named HD 219134b. It is 21 light years away from Earth.

By the way we know that the temperature of stars is very high but there is also a star whose temperature is 27 degrees Celsius as it is in normal days on earth.

Electricity also flows in space. It is very powdered which has 500 million tonnes of energy.


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