68 Crores per litre is the cost of this Scorpion venom


The poison of scorpions also comes in the most expensive liquid in the world. Price of one liters is around 68 crores ($ 10.5 million). The poison of these scorpions of Leiurus quinquestriatus species has a major contribution in medical science.

According to Professor Michael Gurevitz of Tel Aviv University, its poison is being used for many medical research and treatment. There are some elements in the poison of these scorpions that work as panicillers.

According to the report of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, published in 2013, its poison can be prevented from killing cancer of human body. The report said that some elements present in this poison can prevent the formation of carcinogenic cells.

It was further informed in the report that these poisons would also be helpful in organ transplant. Many times the body rejects a new organ, in such a situation, some elements of this poison will be given synthetic changes to the body and this will work directly on the body’s immune system. In this case, the possibility of organ rejection may be less.

Bone Disease Arthritis can also be prevented through this poison. According to reports, the process of bone rubbing can be reduced through this process. In 2011, a 71-year-old Cuban man also claimed that he used to cut himself from some scorpions and that all the pain in his body disappeared.

To remove the poison of scorpions, it is given to them in a lab by giving current, the scorpion poison comes in its sting which is kept in a bottle.

But this process is very complex. More than three drops of poison emerge from a scorpion’s sting in one time.

Due to the extremely complex process and scarcity of scorpions, its poison is the most expensive in the world.

The effect of scorpion poison is directly on the mind, in which the Scientist is doing further research while taking advantage of this creatures.


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