Here Bishops drinks wine and pray to Lord


Prayers of the pastors of the church were drowned in hearing the alcohol, but it is a reality. There is often a similar view in a room in Johannesburg’s Gobola church, where the priests have a bottle of wine before the Bible is in their hands. From cold beer to red wine, the wine for everybody is present here. This church has started 52 years old Bishop Tsietsi Makiti.

The church was built by Tsietsi Makiti for those people who did not get permission to enter the other church. When people asked to Makiti why he used drink and pray, he said that it is a way of bliss.

Makiti further said, people did not have any means of happiness till Jesus came to earth. Then Jesus changed the water into wine, which gave energy to the people’s body. For this reason, Bishop and all the people pray before and after drinking alcohol. So that they feel the peace.

A man named Michael Motsepe said that he would like to come here as a home. He come here and drink alcohol. When people asked to Michael why he drinks alcohol in the church, he said that God is everywhere.

The people who come to pray here also dance and drink. Before drinking alcohol, the Bishop, standing with everyone, prays to Jesus that after drinking it will give them peace and happiness.

Initially 4 people were connected to this unique church, but within two months 500 people have become a member.


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