Food Habits Of World Most Powerful Country


America is the most powerful country in the world. According to the United Steed Department of Agriculture report, an average Americans eat more than 50 hot dogs each year. Not just hot dogs but many high calorie things are included in the diet of Americans. Food-loving Americans prefer to experiment with new meals. Therefore, they make non-veg and veg all the dishes with different variations. We are telling the American Food Habits.

They eat pancock in the breakfast. They also like club sandwich in the break fast. It is prepare by evocado and honey. Pumpkin pie is the favourite dish of Americans. They prepared this dish in the festival. In the weekened their favourite dish is meshed potato. This is the signature dish of America.

There is a chicken tender dish it is prepare from the egg butter. They eat fried chicken. There is a barbeque meat. Meat ribs is the favourite dish. It is prepared from the miso mastered sauce. They also like macronie and cheese burger. Donuts, chocolate cheep cookies and cheese cake is also a favourite of Americans.


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