The hindu Saint has planted barley on his body


Here a Saint has planted barley on his whole body at Navaratri festival. 9 days before the buds grown on the body have grown up now. During this time people are coming from far away to see these scenes. The Yogi Baba belongs to Baba Mastanath Math in the Atasth Bohar of Sadhu Rohtak of Nath Sampraday. Four days before Navaratri, his master Mahant Chandnath Yogi has died.

For the last 6 years, the Yogi Balak Nath has been lying on the ground and has been keeping Navaratri fast with the action of barley on it. Each year, he completes a new place, and this time his resolve is done at Shiv Nandishan in Tohana of Fatehabad district.

About this, Dharmapal Saini, manager of Shiv Nandishi, says that Yogi Balak Nath came to him and expressed his desire to do penance in the mother’s navratra here. Now on Friday, on the ninth day he concluded his penance.

Yogi Balak Nath told that he has been doing Navratri fast in his own style for the last 6 years and staying in a new place every year. Yogi Balak Nath, has completed 12 times resolution of Navratri austerity, and also said that for this, he started preparing for 15 days in advance. He leave food and water so that the urinary do not become obstructed during the fast.

Yogi Bal Nath Ji was born in Koharana, Bahorod District, Alwar in 1986.


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