People are donating skin for better future of the burn victims


You have read and heard about blood and eyes donation. Many people also donate their body organs after death. Those who are needed after their death, are given new life by transplanting them organs. But these days the trend of skin donation is going on.

According to estimates, about 70 lakh people burn or get injured every year in India. For skin whitening, it is done through skin donation. Victims’ skin is so damaged that they can not recover, their skin is replaced by skin with donation. Skin donation rates in India are significantly lower than needed. Only 765 people had skin donate in India between in the year 2010 to 2015. But people’s interest is gradually increasing on this side.

The person registers the skin bank before his death. Before removing the skin after the death, skin bank signs it from witness. Before removing the skin, it is necessary to show death certificates. 

The skin is taken out and stored it to use in the future. Before cleansing the skin, the person’s blood is checked whether it is HIV or not. If this is found then the procedure is not exceed further. However, the diabetic person can donate the skin. Skin donation is not required to match blood group.

After this the skin is removed from the body. Special tool is used for this. This is called dermatom. Skin is removed from both sides of the body’s legs.

After this the body is well-bandaged. The body is then handed over to the family.


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