The women did not have the freedom to drive the car here


Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban on women driving. Now women will be entitled to driving as soon as the order of the country’s Shah Mohammed bin Salman is issued. So far, the women of this country had to complete the hobby by running a ‘Bumper Car’.

The new decision will come into effect from June 24 next year. The government has formed a committee, which will submit the report in a month on the verdict. Through this, the process of issuing the decision will be decided. The decision will be implemented only under Sharia law.

There was a struggle in Saudi Arabia against the restrictions on women’s driving since 1990. On 6th November 1990, 47 Saudi women protested against this rule for the first time by driving together at the capital Riyadh. All the women were arrested. After this, the ‘women to drive’ campaign was going on in the country. In 2007, 1,100 women signed an application to King Abdullah to remove these rules. It is led by women activist Wazihah-al-Hoawdar. In 2008, Wajihad uploaded a video while driving on the streets of Saudi Arabia on YouTube. These videos have been in international headlines. In 2013, there was again a movement led by Waziah. Howedar was sentenced to ten months in prison.

The struggle of the Saudi women continued and finally succeeded. Female activist Sahar Nasif, who played a key role in this, tweeted after the verdict, “I can not believe it. I am laughing happily, jumping, and screaming. This is a great victory. Now I will buy my dream car, black-yellow Mustang. Manal al-Sharif, a member of the women’s activist Loujin al-Haalul and the ‘Women to Drive’ campaign, was also involved in this long battle. Manal also expressed happiness over the decision and tweeted that the situation of women in the country will no longer be the same.


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