Girls Life becomes Hell during Periods


Many girls in India are advised not to do many things in their ‘those days’. During this time girls can not pick up a pickle or go inside the kitchen. Some girls can not wash the hair during this time Overall, during this time, girls are unclean, whatever touches them, it is considered impure. But the situation is more worse in neighboring country Nepal.

Founded in 1981, an international NGO WaterAid inspired Nepal to raise voice for discrimination with girls during the Periods in Nepal. Under this project, girls clicked the photos of those things which they refused to touch during the periods. Some of these were so shocking that many people in the world were surprised that in today’s time how can some people think so poorly?

In some Nepalese households, even today, girls can not sleep in the house during periods. In the project, photo of a 15-year-old girl named Uttara Sauda was clicked. Here Girls have to sleep inside the hut in the cold and rainy season. Apart from this, there are many things that girls are denied.

Here Girls can not touch the water stored for drinking during periods. If they feel thirsty, then someone else removes them in the glass. He himself can not hand it over. Apart from this, they have to wait till the last to fill the water.

Girls in Nepal can not eat food while sitting with the family during their periods. During this time when girls need the most care and love, they are separated at that time.

At this time girls are not allowed to go inside the kitchen. They can not touch any luggage of the kitchen. At the same time, they eat after being separated from everyone.


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