The blood of this organism is considered as elixir


Horse Shoe Crab is found in water. His blood is considered as elixir for medical science. His blood is blue. This creature is shaped like a horseshoe, because of this his named Horse Shoe Crab.

The Scientific name of this crabs is Limulus polyphemus. It is believed that these species existed for 45 million years. There has not been any significant change in its size in the millions of years. In medical science this crab blood is used for its anti-bacterial property.

The reason for this crab blood being blue is that there is a copper based hemocyanin in the blood, which carries oxygen to all parts of the body. At the same time, Iron works with hemoglobin in the body of red blooded organisms. Because of this, the blood is red.

Dangerous bacteria are identified by the blood of this crab injected inside the body. This gives the most accurate information about dangerous bacteria. It also reveals the dangers and side effects of medicines given to humans. You might be surprised to know that because of its specialty, its blood cost is around 10 lakh rupees per liter. Every year more than 5 lakh crabs blood are taken out.

These crabs are taken from different places to the lab. After cleaning it well, these alive crabs are fitted on a stand. After this, a long syringe is thrown of its mouth and after connected to the bottle. In this process, the blood slowly comes in the bottle. Some crabs also survives in this process, which is left back into the water. However, some die due to the extraction of blood.

In North America these crabs are now seeing a huge decrease. The reason for this is their excessive use.


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