Weapons are selling from the grocery store to the streets


Civil war is going on for the past three years between Russia and Ukraine. The situation of war between the two countries continues to grow. In spite of many attempts to stop this war, it has not been possible to stop it from diplomatic means. At the same time, after the capture of Crimea, now Russia has a direct eye on Ukraine. Russia has also introduced several restrictions on Ukraine. Supply have stopped  for Foods and petroleum products. The situation in Ukraine is getting worse. 

According to the media of Ukraine, activities of Russian troops on Ukraine border are increasing. With this, there is a constant threat on the borders of Ukraine, due to which the Army is recruiting rapidly in Ukraine. Army training in the country has been complacent and the government is appealing that one person from every household should be admitted in the army. To face Russia’s army, women in Ukraine are also being admitted to the Army.

The situation in Ukraine is so bad, it can be estimated from the fact that there is no restriction on buying arms here. Dangerous weapons like pistols to AK-47 has being found in shops at grocery stores. 

Although Ukraine has the support of NATO countries including the United States, but the financial system of Ukraine is not able to handle. Not only this, school children are not untouched by the fear of war. In many schools across the country, camps are being set up for the training of arms to the children.

School teachers are also being trained to give training to children to run dangerous weapon. This is also increasing the poverty in the country and the country’s large population is facing depression and people are becoming accustomed to addiction.


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