Manhood is treated by this lizard


Recently, Armed Border Force (SSB) 17th Battalion has confiscated 5 Taka Gecko (a special species of Lizard) in a search operation in West Bengal. Explain that this lizard is used to make masculine-enhancing medicine. Diabetes, impotence, AIDS and cancer medicines are made from its meats.

Toc Geico is a rare and extinct species of lizards, there is a huge demand in its international market. Taking hold of it is illegal trafficking in Southeast Asian countries from north-eastern Indian states. It is very demanding in Southeast Asian countries. The people here believe that Gecko meat can be cured of many diseases. The price of this lizard found in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Northeast India, Philippines and Nepal is reported to be worth one crore rupees.

Wild life experts say that a year ago, the number of smugglers of lizards in Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Assam of North Eastern India is increasing rapidly. Merchants living in Myanmar sell these lizards to China, Indonesia, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

People are superstitious because of the high demand of lizards, which is the reason people catch lizards. According to media reports, the price of one kg of meat made from toked meat can be up to 10 thousand euros in the international market.


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