Flood victims are waiting for hours to eat


Flood wrecks continue in Bihar, India. The number of people killed in this disaster has now crossed 215. Old Gangak, in Muzaffarpur, Bagmati is the worst condition in Samastipur Darbhanga. People are living their life on the road to save their lives. The condition in Eastern Champaran (Motihari) is so bad that people are waiting for the food on the road. They are hungry and thirsty and sit on the road. Population of 1.21 lakhs of 18 districts are affected.

Flood water is still entering new areas every day. This has brought people’s lives on the road. The flood water has entered some areas of Muzaffarpur city, while the entry of large vehicles has stopped at the city’s lifeline, Akharmghat bridge. The pressure of Bagmati on the Haighat rail bridge has stopped the operation of trains on the Samastipur-Darbhanga railway section. The Army is in charge of Gopalganj.

Dozens of villages of Chhapra and Siwan districts have been hit by the flood. Water has penetrated in Mehsi block on Saturday in Eastern Champaran. Lakhandai river in Sitamarhi is like a devastation due to the uprising of the river. Twenty-five panchayats of Madhubani’s Benipatti have lost contact. On Saturday, the number of people drowning in the floods reached 17. By Saturday the population of 20 lakhs was affected.


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