Dogs color is happening Blue in this area of ​​Mumbai


People are worried about pollution worldwide. Either India is also not untouched by it. These days, there is a lot of discussion among the blue dogs roaming around the Taloja industrial area of ​​Navi Mumbai. Let us tell you that the colors of these dogs were not blue before. Then what happened that its color became blue.

About 5 blue dogs appeared in the Taloja Industrial Area last day. At first, people were surprised to see why the color of these dogs has suddenly become blue? But when the truth was detected, it was all astonished. In fact, there are about one thousand factories in this area. The dirt of all these factories is dropped in the Kasadi river located here. In the past, a blue-colored animal appeared near this river. On discovering, it became known that he was no stranger dog but a stray dog ​​roaming around the street. In search of food, this  landed in the cassady river. Due to pollution, the water of this river has become so dirty that after the exit, the dog’s color became blue. Understanding the seriousness of the matter, Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell has filed a case in which the problems related to animals due to this dirty river have been mentioned.

Anil Mohkar of the Pollution Control Board of Maharashtra said that leaving the dye in the river is illegal. Well there are many factories in this area, but perhaps the detergent factory is leaving dye in water. For this reason the dog’s color was blue. By the way, only a single dog color change has come to light. But Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell is worried about the interests of the rest of the animals and is trying to avoid it again.


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