The melt gold was filled in the pit, and the diamond market was in the open area


The Hampi tourist destination of Karnataka is included in the World Heritage Site. About 500,000 people lived in this city 500 years ago. At that time, this city was even more beautiful than Italy Rome. There was no dare to attack here for 300 years. It is said that there was molten gold filled in pits here. Since the RBI has issued notices of Rs 50 for new notes. The stone chariot made in Hampi is printed on the back of this note.

Hampi is built on the banks of Tungabhadra river. The name of this river was made from ‘Pampa’ (which was the daughter of Brahma). Which means ‘hampe’ in Kannada. Hampi also used to speak Virepakshapura first. The history and beautiful architecture makes it a good tourist place.

It was also considered as Asia’s largest monument city. 1 C.E. It is made of 1336-1565 and spreads in 25 sq km. This city was built on one side for religious reasons and was also wasted due to religious reasons. In the war in 1565, the Vijayanagara rulers were defeated by the Muslim rulers and they had entered the city to take revenge and ruined its beauty. Especially Hindus idols and temples of the Gods destroyed.

Hampi is an ancient city, which is described in the name of Kishkindha during the Ramayana period. In the 14th century, Hampi became the capital of the Vijayanagar empire, which was the most powerful empire of South India. Between 1509 to 1529, Krishna Deva Raya ruled here, whose court was Tenaliram. Like Akbar-Birbal, the pair of Krishnadev Rai-Tenali Ram was also a fame for his spot reply.

Travelers from Italy, Iran and Portugal, in the magnificent time of the Vijayanagara Empire, described it as the world’s most prosperous city. In front of the temple of Hepi, Diamond Market was open in front of the temple, where people from the world used to buy diamonds.


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