Omelet made from 10 thousand eggs


Volunteers and some cooks have made such omelet that not only tastes a city but tastes the whole world. Omelet was prepared here with 10 thousand eggs.

Overseas omelets have been prepared in wooden pots made in the city of Belmium, Malmody, present in Europe. To make the dishes delicious, green onions and bacon were also added. Interestingly, the news of the infection of eggs in the European market these days is on the edge. So, organizers of this event easily got eggs in such a large number.

Every year since 1973, there is a tradition of making huge omelets in this city. But this time due to the ‘rumor’ the omelete size and the advent of it has been more than ever.

Every year this event is organized by ‘The World Fraternity of Nights of the Giant Omelete’. Organizer Benidict F. Matthi said that eating any omelet did not cause any disease to any person. Eggs used to make omelet were fresh and healthy.


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