Here a river is spewing gold


Even today, in many areas people get baths and drinking water from rivers. But there is a place in India where rivers flow in the rainy days and the people are waiting here for floods.

People from some villages of Ramnagar area of ​​western Champaran district of Bihar get gold in monsoon every year. Here the river spitting gold.  It is said that these rivers are Balui, Kappan and Sona who bring gold with them every year. By filtering gold with their water, the people of these villages arrange money for a year. But this work is not so easy.

Floods in Bihar during monsoon have always been a major problem. These rivers also boast in this season. The people of the village wait for the flood to decrease when the water gets reduced, then they get into the river along with some special equipment. And by filtering sand and grains extracted by rivers, they take gold particles and then sell it in the market.

This work has happened in these areas for many years. Many times it happens that people keep filtering sand and particles throughout the day but nothing comes in hand.


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