Died poisonous snakes when one and a half year old child bites


You must have heard the news of the death of the child from the snake bite so many times. But the snake has died due to the bite of one-and-a-half-year-old boy in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh in India.

The householders told that when the child was chewing a snake, no one’s eyes were noticed. When the mother returned to the room, she got out of the scream after seeing the dead snake. The child was taken to the doctor in the funeral. The doctors were surprised when they examined the child.

The doctors told that neither the child had any damage to the snake nor there was any injury marks on his body. Although the tongue of the child was definitely blue.

Animal expert said that due to the tightening of the neck, the snake had died due to suffocation. They said that even the marks of pricking teeth on the head of snake have been found. There is panic in the entire neighborhood after this incident. Not only about killing the snakes, but also in the daylight to enter into the house of snake.

According to the information, a five feet long poisonous wolf-snake came out of the house of Rakesh Yadav, resident of Asafabad, Rasulpur. She reached close to the child. The child caught the snake and started chewing. As a result snake died.


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