There is a mini America in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Aramco is the part of Saudi Arabia. In this city, women can wear short dress, as driving way, lie down on the beach in half dress and do whatever they can. It has resettled only for particularly suburban Americans, so the way it like a common American city.

Aramco is a gated community in Saudi Arabia. It is also called dahran. It is spread over 58 square kilometer. There is also a private beach which is only for the people living in the Aramco and their guest only.Here is the U.S. lifestyle. In 1930 this suburb is settlement for Americans.

An American Company standard oil of California discover the petroleum in Saudi Arabia. Its engineers and many employees were American. Saudi Arabia was exactly the opposite of their lifestyle. Therefore, to make the Americans feel right as a home the Saudi Government has settled this suburb.

The only American company operating it before, but after the Saudi Government has taken it in their hand. Standard oil of America has replaced its name in 1980 to Saudi Arabian oil company, or Saudi Arabia Aramco.
Americans who work in the company Aramco, as well as employees of his Saudi and other countries too. So here is a mixed culture. For those who live here have many facilities such as golf court, gym, hospital and the American school. Here Christmas is celebrated with fanfare like the West.


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