Not a single car in a town


There is a town exist in a province of Newfoundland and labrador in Canada. Here you can not see the car on the streets. Hospital ,restuarant, bar and basic needs not available in this town. So this phransve community is the world’s most remote communities.

It is present to the Eastern Bay of Canada, from this town can be reached only by boat. These town is 160 nautical mile from the closest city St. John’s. There are 75 people living in this town. Only one school exist here for the children. The total number of students are 10. There is only one store in the town for the needs fulfill for the people, beer and wine also too in the store.

People main job is fishing and the women handle the house.The most important is that you can make your house any where without purchase the land. Hiking activity is the most popular in this town. Youth leave this town for the less facilities. Most of the youth shift to Canada for the job and standard life style.


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