10 thousand men of this village are posted in the Indian Army


In India state Uttar Pradesh’s  district Ghazipur, ‘Gahmar’ is the largest village in Asia. Here population around this village is about 1 lakh 20 thousand. On the occasion of Independence Day, we are talking about a village where nearly 10 thousand men from every house are posted in the Indian Army. Markandey Singh, president of former Sainik Welfare Committee, said that there are about 10 thousand houses in this village spread over 15 km area.

About 10 thousand people from this village are in the Indian Army, whereas more than 14 thousand are ex-servicemen. According to the records, there were 24,734 voters in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. The village is situated at a distance of 40 kilometers from Ghazipur. There is also a railway station in Gahmar, which is connected to Patna and Mughalsarai. According to historians, in 1530, Kusum Dev Rao settled it in a place called ‘Sakra Deh’.

The village is divided into 22 groups and each group is named from some famous person. The first and the second world war, or the war of 1965 and 1971 and the battle of Kargil, here all the people took part in the movement. At the time of World War I, 228 Gahmar soldiers were included in the British army, and 21 were killed. In memory of them there is a inscription in Gahmar.

Ex-servicemen of Gahmar have formed an organization called East Sainik Seva Samiti. Youths of the village are seen preparing for army at Mathiya Chowk, situated on the Ganges coast, at some distance from the village. The Indian Army used to recruit camps in Gahmar, but in 1986 it was closed for some reason.

Given the huge number of soldiers, the Indian Army provided the facility of the military canteen for the people of the village. For which the goods from Varanasi Army canteen were sent every month to the village of Gahmar, but the service is going stop for the last several years. This village is called the village of soldiers.


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