A man’s burned bulb from his mouth and also use electric shock instead of food


If you are given a high voltage shock, then you may become unconscious or a part of the body is crippled. But this is not the case with Naresh Kumar, who lives in Muzaffarnagar city of UP in India. From morning till evening he take electric shock instead of food. With this shock, his body gets energy, on which, he can live without food all day.

The 42-year-old Naresh says that he knew this thing while working in a place. The Naresh said that one day when he was doing his work, a high voltage wire of light accidentally touched him, but nothing had happened to him. Then people warned him further to be cautious. But instead of accepting the opinion of the people, the Naresh wanted to spread his super power. For this, he kept holding the bare light of electricity.

Naresh said that when there was nothing to eat in the house, and he was hungry, he would have caught the electricity for half an hour. After this, his appetite was calm. Now he touches appliances such as TV, washing machine, fridge and inverter while walking.

Naresh wife told that due to this habit, the whole house of electricity has spread from bare wire and there is no switch in the house. Due to this habit of the Naresh, people have started to say the bullet of the living light.


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