Nun body is safe for 141 years after death


There are many miracles in the world, which are difficult to believe in knowing or hearing about it. A similar case came up in Paris, where a nun’s body has been kept safe in glass for the last 141 years.

This body is Catherine Laboure, who died in 1876 at the age of 70. After that his body was kept priserva. After 56 years, when his body was pulled out in 1933, he was completely safe. After watching the body properly, people were shocked and considered it a miracle. After that, his body was placed in a glass and placed inside a church, which is crowded to see. According to a report, his mother died when Catherine was 9 years old. When his funeral was going on, Catherine went the statue of Jesus Christ, and said, “From today you are my mother.” The same evening when he was sitting in the church, he heard the voice of a child. After that, he touched the child in the lap of Virgin Mary, and the mother of Christ spoke to him. After this there was a power of strength in them and they realized that God sent them to serve the people. Catherine’s life changed from here and she decided to serve poor, weak and compelled people. In his full age he helped people by visiting different places and opening up the center of uplift.


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