The first Aircraft fly from tobacco


You can not chew tobacco by sitting in a plane, but you can sit in the airplane flying from tobacco. Yes, preparations are being made to run commercial aircraft from the bio diesel formed by the tobacco plant. South African Airways is the forefront of this. In July last year, as a test flight, he used to fly 300 passengers from Johannesburg to Cape Town with 1280 km of Tobacco bio diesel.

The ‘Solaris Species’ plant is being used to make the fuel from the tobacco plant. Despite being a tobacco plant, the amount of nicotine is very low. South African Airlines is going to start using Tobacco Bio fuel this year. In the beginning, the fossil fuel will be used only by adding some part of the bio diesel. Then gradually reducing the part of the fossil fuel will increase the share of the  bio diesel.

Aircraft companies spend money most on fuel. It is one-third of the total operating expenses of the company. Bio diesel is expensive, but on a large scale production, its cost will be reduced. It is also good for the environment.


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