Due to illness, girls are becoming men


In a Carribean village there is a mysterious event, where children are born, in the body of a girl, but as soon as they reach the Puberty, their body turns into a boy. 

Salinas village in Carribean where children are born in the body of a girl but as time goes on, their body turns into boys. The story of such people is different from others. There is a man named Johny, who was born as a girl. At that time his parents kept his name Felicita. When she was born, her body was like a girl. She was dressed like a girl. Recalling his childhood, now Johny became from Felicita said that he never liked  dressed as a girl and she never play with girls’ toys. He was born at home instead of hospital, so no one understood that his private parts are slightly different.

His private parts were not like boys but were not completely like the girl. As soon as Felicita was 7 years old, her body began to change. Her body changed to a boy. Johny, now 24, is living a boy’s life.

According to doctors, this is not a miracle. It is a rare genetic disorder, in which the sex hormone called dehydro testosterone. It is not formed in the body of the baby born in the womb. At the beginning, every child’s gender is similar in the womb. In the eighth week if the body of the baby starts dehydro testosterone, then it is born as a boy. But in some mail chicks, these hormones can not be formed in the womb. Because of this, his body is like a girl at the time of birth. But when the Puberty period arrives, his body starts making melody hormones, due to which mail organisms, means mail private parts, begin to develop. Most of these children are after 12 years of age.

There have been many such issues in Salinas village in Carribean. This village is still far from many types of development. This happens with one of the 90 children born here. That is, the girl gets born in the body of the boy. Who become a boy after a certain time. These children are called intersex means they are not full male or female.


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