‘Pink Rainbow’ spotted over west of England


The striking rainbow dominated the sky, serving as a dramatic backdrop over areas of the west of England. Photographers described the views as “amazing” and “so pretty” as they shared their images. Rainbows can be seen from a few metres to several kilometres away, but in order for it to be visible; the sunlight must be behind the person looking at it, while the rain shower is in front.

The spectacle was caused by a regular rainbow and a pink sunset happening at the same time. If we have got a regular rainbow, which is caused by water droplets in the atmosphere reflecting the sunlight into the spectrum of different colours.

“The other thing is a pinkish sunset caused by sunlight having to pass through a lot more atmosphere – due to the low angle late in the day – hence the shortwave colours – violets, blues, greens – are diminished and we only see the pinks and reds, giving the rainbow a pinkish colour.”

Monday’s unusual pink rainbow was spotted by Brits across the west, from Bristol toTaunton and Yate, and dozens of people captured stunning photos of the beautiful skies. It comes as the Met Office issued a yellow warning of rain for Somerset and other areas in England, including London, as thunderstorms and heavy rain are set to sweep across the UK.


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