In Germany a man floats in the river every day to reached office


A man in Germany likes to swim in the river instead of using a train to go to the office. Benjamin David of Germany age is 40 years. From the last two years, every day  he floats in the river to go to their office. Benjamin decided to go to the office by floating in the river because he frustrated with the crowd and the traffic.

He said that when i used bike i had a trouble from the car and when i were walking i had a lot of trouble from the bicycles. That is, there was a problem in every situation. Then i noticed that the river flows along a few meters from the road.

After this, Benjamin started floating two kilometers in the river Isr to reaching the office. For this he is free to face difficulties related to traffic and there are also other benefits too.

Benjamin arrives in the morning and reaches the banks of the river. Then he take the suit, laptop, mobile phone, purse, shoes etc. and put them in a waterproof bag. After this he hang the bag on the back and leap into the water. It is a good thing in the case of Benjamin that their office is also located near the river, so he do not need any other vehicle after leaving the river. Now some other coworkers are also adopting this method along with them.

He does not take bath before swimming in the river for going to the office. He gets his bath in the river itself. Apart from this, 2 kilometer swim also makes them work well. This trend is quite popular in Switzerland. The waterproof bags used by Benjamin are called the wickfish. This kind of bag has been designed in Switzerland



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